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Posted on: Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It’s picnic season-the time of year when parks fill up with loungers on floral blankets, chairs are frowned upon, and the overall trend is to munch and relax while taking in the simple pleasures of nature. We will find any reason to maximize our time outdoors and have been known to pour glasses of chilled Sauvignon Blanc into mason jars, screw on the lids, and sit atop blankets while looking out across Boston Harbor to Charlestown.

We pride ourselves in mastering the art of al fresco nibbling and relaxing. Our canvas is simple, featuring local and in season ingredients. We pack finger foods that are best when cold or at room temperature, and can be layered in various combinations. Sometimes we’ll whip up a salad or chilled soup that gets better as it melds throughout the afternoon. We encourage friends to each bring a part of the meal, making sure someone is in charge of a sweet treat. We love adding a bit of sophistication to any rustic green patch by packing our fare in vintage picnic baskets and sipping beverages from wine glasses. While lounging we layer our perfect bites, and are transported back to our times basking in European parks.
Favorite Menu Items:  
Fresh baguettes (When in Boston from Bricco Panneteria, when on the North Shore from Virgilio’s)
Assorted cheeses (usually a hard cheese like Manchego, a soft goat cheese, and some kind of creamy Brie/Camembert)
Sliced Heirloom Tomatoes
Fig spread
Prosciutto, Jamon Serrano or any kind of thinly sliced cured meat
Assorted grapes and berries
Hand pies
A light chilled wine or Sangria

Essential Picnic Gear:
An enormous flowy, printed sheet or blanket
A wicker picnic basket
A corkscrew
Mason jars or wine glasses (they may be a bit fragile, but it adds to the fun!)
A wooden or cork cutting board
Enamel ware plates and utensils
Tins for sweets
Kitchen cloth napkins

Favorite Picnic Spots:
Rose F. Kennedy Greenway, Boston
The Waterfront overlooking Boston Harbor
Singing Beach, Manchester by the Sea
Tuck’s Point, Manchester by the Sea
Coolidge Point Reservation, Manchester by the Sea
Any park in Europe

Stay tuned for a later post where we feature beach cocktails for your next happy hour picnic!


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