Fun with Chocolate

Posted on: Thursday, April 25, 2013

For a few blissful hours, we had the opportunity to take a chocolate-making class. We delved right into a world focused on melting, forming, hardening, dipping, and of course tasting chocolate. What is it with this crave worthy treat? The pleasant aroma, rich and creamy texture, and perfect amount of sweetness can add a show-stealing finale to any meal. While Kara prefers milk chocolate and Marni prefers dark, whatever kind you choose, chocolate will improve your mood.

We learned firsthand the art of making an array of classic chocolate desserts like souffles, truffles, sauces, tarts and cakes. While we both rolled balls of smooth ganache into truffles, Kara challenged herself with a Dark Chocolate Souffle with Raspberry Sauce, and Marni layered a multitude of layers in a packed Dark Chocolate and Orange Tart with Toasted Almonds. After losing track of time, we left the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts in a mellow, chocolate haze with boxes of our cocoa creations.

Armagnac Truffles
Dense spheres of rich and creamy almond-flavored chocolate ganache rolled in Dutch cocoa powder and chopped almonds.

Dark Chocolate and Orange Tart with Toasted Almonds
Layers of sweet and sour chewy candied orange peels, cinnamon and sugar toasted slivered almonds, velvety Grand Marnier infused chocolate ganache all atop a crunchy cocoa cookie crust.
Chocolate Souffle with Raspberry Sauce
Warm light and airy mousse-like custard with an intense chocolate flavor further enhanced by a tart and vibrant raspberry sauce.

We returned home with an instant stash of popable chocolate bites for visitors!


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