Father's Day Float

Posted on: Sunday, June 17, 2012

Our dad is a history buff; full of information, and constantly intrigued by the past. It was no question that for Father’s Day, we would reference our dad’s absolute favorite restaurant, the Jacob Wirth's in Boston. Dating back to 1868, the classic pub is famous for its German fare, draught selection and the never-changing interior. Our dad first visited the rustic saloon-like hall with his parents at three years of age, and made sure to instill the experience on us at an early age as well. Although the sawdust floors are gone, the mahogany tables, nostalgic black and white pictures, house brewed beers, and heaping dishes of sauerkraut and brats still make for a unique experience. Last month, we visited Jakie’s with our Dad and enjoyed pints of Jake’s House Lager while snacking on a bucket of homemade soft pretzels with a myriad of mustards for dipping.

The highlight came at the end of the meal when we indulged in Jake's Private Label Root Beer poured over vanilla ice cream. This Father’s Day, we decided to make our own root beer float for Dad in his favorite frosted stein with just a hint of Powers Irish Whiskey, of course.

Old-Fashioned Root Beer Float

1/2 pint scoop of vanilla ice cream (we used our dad’s favorite, Breyers French Vanilla)
1 bottle of old-fashioned root beer (we used Virgil’s)
Splash of Irish whiskey, optional

In a chilled beer stein, place the big scoop of vanilla ice cream. Slowly pour the root beer and splash of whiskey on top. Careful, it will overflow! Serve immediately with a spoon and straw.

Just a touch of nostalgia for Father’s Day!


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