Luck of the Irish

Posted on: Saturday, March 17, 2012

As Irish girls, we do love our Guinness for its bittersweet, creamy, soft flavor. While we enjoy the dark stout straight from the tap, we were introduced to a Black Velvet a few years ago and were instantly intrigued by the genre of beer cocktails. While many beer enthusiasts believe in the purity of the beverage, why not open your palate to beer cocktails where the unique combination of flavors creates a whole new taste sensation. To celebrate one of Boston’s longest-standing Irish traditions, we encourage you to concoct one or all of the below libations.
Black Velvet
1/2 flute Guinness
1/2 flute champagne

Black and Tan

1/2 glass Guinness
1/2 glass pale ale


1/2 glass pale ale
1/2 glass lemonade (you could also use Lemon Fanta or Gingerale too)


1/2 glass pale beer
1/2 glass sparkling cider

So deck yourself in green and cheers! Erin go Bragh!


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