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Posted on: Tuesday, August 23, 2011

“Girl’s Night" is a tradition we have with the loveliest ladies in our lives: our Mom and Linda. The annual night consists of lots of laughs, wine, sharing stories and discussing our favorite topic: food. On a Tuesday evening in August, we continued this tradition with an Italian meal in Boston's North End. Over some Chianti, Limoncello-glazed shrimp and homemade pasta dishes, Linda offered a fun initiative: The four of us would pick a dish and serve it at dinner the following Sunday. The only rule? Follow the recipe exactly. This posed a personal challenge for the two of us since we never follow recipes, and always add creative touches. Eek! Without wasting any time, we scrounged for paper and pens in our purses and wrote down on four separate pieces: Main Dish, Vegetable Side, Starch Side, Dessert. With our eyes closed, we picked Starch Side (Kara) and Dessert (Marni). After a week of recipe searching, we chose:

Kara's Side: Heirloom Tomato Pie 
(adapted by Food Network Magazine)

Consensus: While the assembly of the pie had many steps, and Manchego can be pricey, boy was this recipe a home-run and instant crowd pleaser. The use of local heirloom tomatoes added quite the colorful presentation. Definitely worth it!

Marni's Dessert: Coconut Cream Pie
(adapted by Epicurious)

Consensus: What a dreamy pie! The proportion of shortening added flakiness and the use of butter added rich flavor to the crust. Toasted coconut adds a terrific presentation and dimension of texture!


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